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Your Future Career

Imagine a future you want to create. Learn about the different areas of study in advanced manufacturing along with programs available across the country.

How do you get access to these great careers? If you’re inspired by advanced manufacturing, you’re in luck because there are some amazing and rewarding jobs waiting for you. We can point you in the right direction—a smart place to start is with the right education before and after you graduate high school. The subject fields we list here aren’t a complete picture, but they give you an idea of the main areas that could prepare you for a career in advanced manufacturing. And education in these fields of study are available at colleges and universities across the country.


Scientists study and explore aspects of the physical world. Their intelligence and curiosity are what drive new discoveries in manufacturing - like new materials, greener methods, and how to use readily available resources for sustainable production. If you’re a naturally curious person, learn how the frontiers of science are being blazed by thinkers like you.

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Engineers design, build, maintain, and manage engines, machines, public works, or complex systems. This can mean the improvement and maintenance of systems that already exist, or inventing totally new ones.

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Business Commerce

A career in business or commerce opens up many opportunities for those interested in operations, sales, advertising, marketing, and finance. This might also lead to a career in financial management or selling securities.

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Computer Studies

Computer careers may involve programming applications, performing system analysis, designing, developing, supporting and managing software, or even working in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. If you think the possibilities for computers are endless, learn more about how they’re key to a better built world.

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Specialists are experts who go deep on a specific area of expertise. There are so many directions a specialist career in advanced manufacturing can take you. Explore some of the exciting possibilities.

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Skilled Trades

Trade a desk job for a hands-on career that’s always in demand. A future in skilled trades opens the door to many exciting career paths.

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Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This career track focuses on identifying opportunities and helping them grow into viable businesses—from feasibility studies through to market launch, and the management of that new company.

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