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An engineer contributed to the invention of the snowboard.

A broad, catch-all term for those who are experts with prized and specific skills, rather than working more generally in a field. Specialists are exceptionally focused on their specific area of expertise, which makes them useful and able to see solutions a generalist with less specific knowledge or experience might miss. Many specialists are so specialized they can also become freelance consultants, whom organizations can call on when needed. These specializations could range from skilled trades to management expertise to creative design.

I’m part of the engineering and research development team at The Canadian Shield, and I help bring some of our products to market, including the face mask.

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[SUPER] Octavian Ciubotariu
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What’s important when you choose your career path is to find what you are truly passionate about.

I always loved programming and I started tinkering with robots, and all kinds of things. Which lead me into the manufacturing industry.

You know, you might be too young to figure out what your long-term career plan is, but just start experimenting and playing with different things. It helps you choose what you are passionate about, and then you are really happy about what you do.

The things that we make here and that you will potentially make in your future jobs affect more than just the product itself.

It has an impact on your communities. For example how does our product affect the environment? The number one thing we always look to reduce is waste. So that doesn’t necessarily need to be waste as in scrap material that’s left over after we manufacture products, it can be electricity. How do we improve our processes on our robots and machinery to use less energy?

What’s cool about advanced manufacturing is that you get to work on or work with the most innovative and up-to-date technology in any field.

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What's cool about Advanced Manufacturing is that you get to work on or work with the most innovative and up-to-date technology in any field.”

— Octavian Ciubaotariu

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Textile Designer

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Computer Animator



Graphic Designer

Maintenance Technician


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