Skilled Trades

Did you know?

An engineer contributed to the invention of the snowboard.

Trade a desk job for a hands-on career that’s always in demand.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to be on the move instead of chained to a desk, a path in skilled trades could be your future calling.

More active by nature, these exciting hands-on roles can literally help secure you a healthy future by keeping your body moving every day. And because there’s an unlimited demand for skilled tradespeople in advanced manufacturing, this path can also help you secure financial stability for the entirety of your career.

Opposite to what some may believe, there’s no better time to pursue a career in skilled trades than now. Even as the world of advanced manufacturing becomes more automated, new doors and learning opportunities are always opening for skilled tradespeople who can help keep robots and systems running at their best. Choosing this path will reward you with an exciting and challenging career on the leading edge of technology.

Young Asian Engineer woman working with machine in factory.

Jobs & Roles

Check out the most popular and common roles in this area of study below:





Precision Machinist

Industrial Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Operator

Tool and Die Makers


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