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The Canadarm is a robotic space arm developed in Canada. In 1990, the Canadarm was used to release the Hubble Space Telescope, and later to retrieve it when it needed repairs. Canadarm can reach out and pluck objects straight out of free-floating space!

Engineers design, build, maintain, and manage engines, machines, public works, or complex systems. As born tinkerers, they find new ways to improve or maintain systems that already exist, or innovate completely new ones. Engineers design products and processes to ensure things are built properly to specifications and regulations, evaluate proper system operation in the field, and manage projects. Our brighter future basically doesn’t happen without engineers.

Look at the technologies you use. Look at what is available to you at your fingertips and think to yourself how can this be better.

[SUPER] Lina Qamar
[SUPER] Linamar

I was born and raised in Jordan and I moved to Canada with my family when I was 13.

As a kid I was always a very curious person. I was one of those annoying children that constantly asked “Why?” and “How come?”.

I was never satisfied with a simple statement and I was never satisfied with simple answers.

Linamar is predominantly known for automotive manufacturing.

My dad studied automotive engineering himself. So, it’s really cool to be able to talk to him about the things that I’m making. That was something that I was always grateful to have being an engineer and having my dad also be an engineer who studied the automotive industry.

People generally don’t have a vision for when we say advanced manufacturing. They don’t have a clear vision of what is there to see. There’s a lot of people with experience and expertise that have really important lessons to teach. And there is also the younger generation that’s coming in with their natural, tech-savvy affinity and their ability to bring in this fresh perspective and new ideas.

There’s a lot of learning opportunities anywhere you go in life. Some of the most fundamental things come from your daily observations and your daily lives.


Look at the technologies you use, look at what is available to you at your finger tips and think to yourself, how can this be better?”

— Lina Qamar

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Process Engineer

Project Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Aerospace Drafter

Automotive Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Computer-Software Engineer

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