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Advanced manufacturing makes things – both existing and new things – by using innovative technologies and techniques. With the right technologies in place manufacturers can spur innovation and transform the efficiency of their operations. New products and processes will lead to a better world built with advanced manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing is at the cutting edge of the industry. Manufacturing is about adding value to raw materials and components to produce finished goods for customers. Advanced manufacturing uses new digital, materials, and production technologies to innovate and make things faster, cleaner, safer, and better than before. It is at the heart of a value-creating network of researchers, tech companies, and of course manufacturers creating value for customers through products as well as data-based services. Advanced manufacturing can be found in all sectors of industry, but is the most advanced in fields like automotive and aerospace, medical technologies and biomanufacturing, robotics and automation, electronics, textiles, and processing industries.

Traditionally, when you think of Manufacturing, an old-school image comes to mind: workers in overalls and work boots standing around a conveyor belt in a steely, warehouse, factory type environment doing manual jobs. However, that image has long been gone. Today Advanced Manufacturing is clean, safe, highly automated, and begging for young people with the creativity and problem solving capabilities to make things better. While a majority of careers require STEM based courses and experiences, there are several career paths one can take while trying to get into the industry. The more tactical, hands on careers of Advanced Manufacturing can include building, designing and creating technologies, machines, computers and other technological innovations, such as robotics and artificial intelligence. On the scientific side, you may have the chance to develop cleantech and clean energies, as well as developing new medical products such as vaccines and more. However, as previously mentioned, Advanced Manufacturing can also incorporate many more types of work within the industry: art and design, marketing and communications, writing, publishing and editing. Contrary to popular belief, Advanced Manufacturing is not just machines and conveyor belts. It requires a dedicated group of individuals working together in teams to develop, create, execute, and measure the multitude of products that are manufactured within the industry. It’s about ideas and creativity, technique and ingenuity, how technologies are used to make customized things, that will create the career opportunities of the future. No matter your skills, interests, passions or strengths, there is an opportunity waiting for you within Advanced Manufacturing.

There are many ways to get into Advanced Manufacturing. A majority of post-secondary institutions across Canada, including both universities and colleges, offer a wide selection of courses that could help you advance your career into Advanced Manufacturing. Many of these institutions specialize in technological courses and careers, while some provide more of a general education that is also relevant to Advanced Manufacturing. Many of these institutions offer opportunities for real-life and hands-on training with companies to help further prepare you for what you will actually be doing once out and working within the industry full-time.

All jobs in Advanced Manufacturing require students who can think critically, solve problems, work in teams, understand technical concepts, and communicate effectively.

Most jobs in Advanced Manufacturing will require students to have good grades that fall within STEM based courses, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Coding and Computing Science.

However, these types of courses may not be necessary for all advanced manufacturing jobs. The sector also offers a variety of jobs in design, research, marketing, sales, and logistics, and growing/launching companies which all contribute to building an amazing future for Advanced Manufacturing in Canada.

Above all, advanced manufacturing is looking for students who are motivated, engaged, and looking to make a contribution to making things right.

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